Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fall football

Brandon and his coach after their championship football game!

I thought I should put a few football pics on because this is what our family does most of the end of summer and fall. With two boys in football, it kind of overtakes everything. Cameron and Braden love it!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More recap

Jack and his buddies Logan and cousin Max at his birthday party.
Happy 4th birthday Jack - I can't believe he is 4. It is making me so sad. He is growing up so fast. I wish they could stay little forever.

The happy couple with Braden and Cameron. Congratulations you two!! We were and still are thrilled for you.
Cameron and Maya at Katie's wedding. The kids were so cute in all their fancy clothes. Cameron and Braden were not very good sports about wearing tuxes, but I don't think they complained nearly as much as Brandon did.

Brandon and the boys at the wedding.

recap of the year

Kangaroo Zoo with our cousins. Hannah, Rylee, Priya, and Carson were in town for a few weeks in the summer and it was so fun to see them.
First day of school for Jack and his friend, Jack.
First day of school for Braden (6th grade), Cameron (3rd grade), and Cole (2nd grade). Yippee!!

Above, Cameron and Braden on the tube. Below - Sexy Brett - Jenny this one is for you. Your husband is a nerd!!!
This is Jack jumping off the cliffs at Lake Powell. I was not a fan, but Brandon assured me he would be fine. Once he did it, we could not keep him off of that rock. He is quite the little daredevil.
Cameron and Braden's friend Hayden.
Cole and Max fishing at Lake Powell. If the kids weren't swimming, they were trying to catch something for dinner, yum yum, we love Lake Powell carp.

I don't know what this is called, but for anyone interested, this is what we have been doing for the last six months!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I feel like I have to put a few pictures on about Girls Camp this year because Young Women's and my kids activities are pretty much what consumes my life. So, here is my excuse about not being a very active blogger - camp, young women's, need I say more?
Camp was so fun this year. We went to the Heber Valley Girl's Camp the first week of June and it totally snowed on us. At least it wasn't 100 degrees. We had so much fun and the girls were darling. They are so fun to be around and help me stay somewhat young. It is a breath of fresh air to be among women in my house full of boys!!

Field Day

Okay, so it has been a while since I have blogged and I just barely downloaded my pictures from my camera after like three months. So, I have a lot to catch up on. I got to go help with field day this year at Legacy and it was so fun. I got to help with the races and I was shocked when all three of my boys won a ribbon. They must have their dads genes because I am a total slowpoke when it comes to running.
Cameron and Cole showing off their ribbons, again a little bit shocking!!

Braden and his friend, Zaxter, no not a nickname, that is his given name. It totally fits him!
Here is Cole showing off his prize. I think he slept with that thing for about two weeks.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Palm Springs - 2008

We went to Palm Springs for Spring Break this year with Brandon's brothers and their kids. We had a great time and the weather was perfect - high 80s to 100 the entire week. It was so nice to get away after a long, long, long, cold, wet, and snowy winter. Now, we are back to the cold, wind, and possibly snow. The kids' (including Brandon) favorite thing we did was a water park we went to. We spent the whole week swimming and playing with cousins. It was so much fun.
We also went on the Palm Springs Tram which took us up a tram into the mountains above Palm Springs.
The highlight of the week was when Jack pulled the fire alarm in our condo and the firetrucks had to be called out. We had some pretty nice looking firemen that came to rescue us. They were so nice and let all the kids try on their coats and climb in the truck. Jack did not want to have anything to do with them because he thought he was going to be taken to jail. It was pretty funny.

Cameron Dance Festival

Cameron had his 2nd grade dance festival a few weeks ago and trust me, he was really excited. In true Cameron fashion, he talked about it nonstop for about two months and all we heard was how nervous he was to dance with Abby (below). Well, he survived and has the rhythm of his father - which is not very good:)